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Second Home Visa

The second home visa is certain for foreigners, including former Indonesian nationals, who want to stay and contribute positively to the country’s post pandemic recovery and long-term economic growth  
With this visa, they can stay 5 or 10 Years and carry out various non-work activities such as Investment, tourism and others 
The visa can also sponsor family with the same duration visa 
Main Requirements: 
•    National Passport that is valid and still valid for a minimum of 36 Months 
•    Proof of Funds, in the form of an account belonging to a foreigner or Guarantor with of at least Rp. 2 billion or its equivalent, or 
•    Proof of ownership of Property in Indonesia with luxury category in the name of a foreigner in accordance with the legislation in the land/agrarian sector 
•    One recent colour photograph 4cm by 6cm in size with white background 
•    Curriculum Vitae 
For more information on the Second home visa and its requirements you can contact BVR legal for assistance in securing your ticket to Paradise 
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