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Why Your Villa Might Not Be Selling

Selling real estate in Bali may look simple and easy but regardless of any experience you may have in other counties when it comes to construction or sales of properties, Bali’s property market is constantly changing and really particular with many intricate processes involved, but it's always highly rewarding since the market condition is favourable for most of the time. While the selling process won’t be straightforward every single time, there are some common misconceptions you must avoid to make it as smooth and least stressful as possible.
Is staging and setting up a villa necessary? 
Short answer to this question is – YES absolutely 
Staging a villa is important as this is a simple and easier way of presenting the space as the clients will envision seeing it. This simple technique of adding a little more furniture to brand new villas, or basically decluttering a space makes it much more appealing for buyers. Buyers can easily loose interest in beautiful villas due to too much clutter or messy spaces. 
Staged properties sell faster than unfurnished villas in Bali because buyers can visualize how the living area is best used, which would be particularly hard to do in villas with large open-plan layouts. Buyers can also feel deceived if the villa that they’re visiting looks nothing like in the photos, so make sure that your villa looks as close as possible to the day when those photos were taken. Also make sure that all the necessary reparations have been done beforehand, because a simple thing such as a broken door knob can leave a buyer wondering if the villa has bigger problems to fix.

Should I List with a registered Realtor or try sell it on my own?  
With all the online technology and platforms available today, you may think selling a villa would be an easier task on your own. On the contrary, it’s actually more difficult now because social media and the online marketplace is already filled with people selling villas in Bali so you need a degree of expertise to get your villa noticed. 
Learning how to do this takes a lot of time and a marketing specialist professional (BVR has a full inhouse Social media team) would speed things up a lot more. BVR will not only serve as a mediator between the seller and the buyer, but also advise the seller on how to make their villa more appealing offline/online and more importantly, at the best price.
If you have been trying to sell without help from any real estate agent in Bali for months to no avail, perhaps it’s time to contact BVR property. Avoid freelance agents because most of them don’t have the marketing tools and network of an established agency, which won’t be helpful at all especially if you’re after a quick sale. 
Why your villa might not be selling? 
 There are a few reasons this may be, ranging from “is the selling price to high?”
Do you have enough professional photos of the villa? Or is the staging good enough? 
Is there any improvement that can be done to make it more attractive? 
Don’t waste any more time, ask your local real estate agent for insight on what could be done to attract buyers. The most common reason a villa isn’t selling is the price, so you might want to reduce it close to market price instead of insisting on a high price that doesn’t generate any interest. At BVR property, the majority of our clients buy villas for investment and they’re interested in reasonably priced villas that offer good ROI rather than well-designed but overpriced ones.
Do you have a villa for sale or rent in Bali? Let us help you find the right client by listing it with us. We have successfully helped hundreds of property owners in selling and renting out their properties to clients from all around the world. If you wish to have your property listed with us or have any questions to discuss beforehand, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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