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Travel Ban for China Being Lifted

Let’s welcome back one of Bali’s most visited nations!! CHINA

Chinese government lifted its travel ban as of the 8th January 2023, enabling tourist to travel into Indonesia. With the ban being lifted Bali will surely see a significant increase in Chinese tourists back on the island.  

A latest interview with Antara News, Bali’s expecting to see as many as 700,000 Chinese nationals visiting the island in 2023. With over 1,8 Million tourists being received in 2022 (this being without China), this number will significantly increase as China contributed about 1.18 million yearly visits to Bali prior to the pandemic in 2020, nearly as many as Bali’s Australian market in 2019. With the expected surge in tourism for the first time in three years, this is likely to have a positive impact on Bali’s local economy, including the property market.

Many know the island as the island of Gods and is popularity will only rise.   

Bali has been dubbed 2nd most popular destination by Trip Advisor in the world for 2023, from fourth place in 2022. 

Outperforming both London and Rome, with Dubai still on the top of the list.

The islands popularity has seen rise in property values, as travellers are searching for investment opportunities when visiting Bali. Chosen areas seems to be Canggu, Seminyak, Pererenan and Uluwatu Bingin at the moment. With a high demand in high quality investment opportunities as well as developments happening in these areas.

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