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What Land Buyers should know before purchasing land in Bali

Its always an exciting experience, looking for the perfect land and location to build that beautiful home or investment and this can be a very rewarding experience in Bali. However, this does not come without challenges and risks. 
BVR property and BVR Legal are here to help you make the most informed decisions when it comes to purchasing land in Bali, to assist in informed decision making and help avoid any costly mistakes 
Here are some common pitfalls when it comes to land purchasing in Bali  
1.    Road access verification is vitally important 

 When it comes to villas or lands it is imperative to check that the property has road access, this can be private or public access. A good notary will always check on the access and make sure this mistake can easily be avoided. 
Some lands in Bali does not have access roads built, therefore you should make sure that there is enough land to build your own road. Generally, road access should be 3-6m wide 
Always consult with a professional Real estate company to ensure that you are aware of any potential issues or the steps to take to mitigate these risks. 
2.    Verify the tax rules 
 Its always important to understand any tax implications on purchases 
Generally, sales taxes will be stipulated whether or not it is included in the advertised price. Leasehold and Freehold taxes are different from one another For information on this, BVR legal will be able to assist with a clearer understanding of how it works 
3.    Zoning restrictions  
All land in Bali is subject to zoning law which regulates the kind of activities and development that you can do on it. The zones that you will commonly encounter are Pemukiman (residential), Pariwisata (touristic), Pemerintah (governmental), and Pertanian (agriculture, commonly referred to as green zone). A reminder you might want to note, it is not possible to obtain building permits for land located in a green zone.
 Keep in mind that the zoning of a given area can change from time to time, and the best way to check it is to contact the local government office of the area.
 To ensure that your intended activities align with the zoning regulations, it is recommended to seek the guidance of experts. At BVR Property, we can assist and introduce a legal advisor that will help navigate the zoning regulations in Bali and advise you on the appropriateness of the zoning for your planned activities.

4.    Not choosing the right legal partner & notary 
 Anything legal-related can easily become a headache without the right partner. That is why choosing a legal partner with experience is the most important for having crystal clear due diligence on your land. This includes drawing up contracts, reviewing title deeds, and making sure the transaction complies with all relevant laws and regulations, as we have mentioned in the previous list.

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