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Traditions Of Eid Al Fitr In Indonesia

Eid Al-Fitr is always synonymous with a variety of fun things, this tradition has been so inherent in the lives of Indonesian people. Not just Lebaran, but warm shades have been seen since the fasting month began. A variety of activities and also offerings will enliven the holy fasting month, followed by a number of other activities when the eid al-Fitr Day arrives.

Gathering and a variety of typical Eid-al-Fitr snacks will become a mandatory sight that we meet every time the Eid-Al-Fitr moment comes. This seems to be a tradition that is so thick and has become a mandatory thing that we run from generation to generation.

Not only that, every region in Indonesia even has a unique agenda and tradition when celebrating Eid al-Fitr, something like this that makes many people always want to go back to their hometown and enjoy the moment there. There are many traditions of Eid al-Fitr which are still ongoing in Indonesia, some of which are below:

Blood migrants are so attached to the Indonesian people, there are so many people who leave their hometowns and earn a living in people`s villages. This has even happened for decades ago, When Eid al-Fitr became a valuable time for the nomads to return home.

Mudik, a tradition that is very amazing, maybe even Indonesia has become a country with the most people traveling back home in the Eid al-Fitr season. No half-hearted, tens of millions of people will travel and cross one island to another island, imagine how homecoming has become a very large tradition and still continues to this day.

We have a very wide area, which is why traveling or wandering can be a thing that separates a person from his family for a year or longer. Eid al-Fitr is a very appropriate moment to return home and meet again with relatives because this holiday is very long and can give enough time to travel far though. Do not be surprised if at any time in the Eid al-Fitr season Jakarta becomes so deserted because millions of people are "lost" and scattered back to their respective hometowns.

Although today many of us use gadgets or smartphones to congratulate Lebaran on relatives and friends, for most people Halal Bi Halal is still a must and is always a pleasure to do.

Halal Bi Halal is a tradition that has been done for a long time, where people will visit each other and celebrate Eid together with their extended family, friends, relatives, neighbors or even those who we consider important to visit.

At this moment it will usually be the right time to apologize. Halal Bi Halal will still be celebrated even after the Lebaran moment has passed and we return to our usual activities, so in our places of activity, this will also be celebrated, such as: at school, at the office, or in other places.

Eid will always be welcomed with takbir cages as a sign of victory after fasting for a full month. At this moment it will be seen how the community together is well maintained, they will take to the streets and celebrate there, whether using a vehicle or just walking around in groups.

This will be very fun and become one of the most eagerly awaited things during the Eid period because this is the earliest agenda in the Eid celebration itself.

Sound takbir will always be accompanied by a drum beat that echoes along the road. The drumbeat will add to the atmosphere of emotion and joy. The sound of takbir will be heard from Takbiran night until morning on Eid. Not only one or two drums were beaten, but almost all the streets and also the mosque would beat him with an echo of takbir, the sign of the day of victory had arrived.

Therefore, the drum has become a symbol of Eid al-Fitr besides ketupat. No wonder the drum picture is used as icons that represent the Eid day. One example is a picture on the congratulatory card of Eid which is decorated with a drum symbol.

Eid al-Fitr and Ketupat certainly have become two inseparable things. Typical food of this Eid will usually be served with opor, rendang, semur, shrimp crackers and several other types of additives. Although it has a different way of presentation in each region in Indonesia, ketupat has become a mandatory snack that is always served during the Eid celebration.

Rhombus Eid al-Fitr will be a very special dish because almost all families will eat it happily, where all or most family members can gather and enjoy it together. It is incomplete to pass Lebaran without ketupat offerings because ketupat is a special dish that must be eaten in these beautiful moments.

The people of Sumatra know this tradition. But not only there, but the tradition of exchanging food is also carried out by almost all regions in Indonesia. This is usually done to relatives, family, neighbors, relatives, or even those who are less fortunate than us.

This tradition teaches us to always share and establish friendships with relatives and others, so that good relation will be maintained. Some regions carry out this tradition of sending food at times before breaking the fast on the last day of fasting because usually Lebaran offerings have been prepared today.

Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR) is the amount of money given by the company to its employees on Hari Raya, the amount will be adjusted to the conditions set by the government. Some of the money is intended as a gift or special gift at special moments such as Eid Day.

However, not only companies will give THR to their employees. The community also has a tradition of giving THR to children, where those who give THR are usually adults who have worked and have income. Giving THR is a thing that is very much awaited by children happily.

The amount of money to be distributed is usually money that is still in a new condition, so there will be many people who exchange their money for a new amount of money at the bank or in other money changers. Especially at the end of last year, the government had just introduced rupiah money with new emissions.

The tradition of using new clothes during Idul Fitri is also one of the traditions that are so close and always run by many people. Although only as a symbol or habit, but this is almost always synonymous with Eid celebrations every year.

The tradition of buying new clothes to wear when Lebaran day is supported by various shopping centers that are busy giving massive discounts. Therefore, this tradition is lasting in Indonesian society.

Nyekar or ziarah is a must for most Indonesian people on Lebaran Day. Usually, this is done after the Eid prayer or the first morning Eid arrives. People will come to the funeral and offer prayers for families and relatives who have left the world.


A long vacation will certainly not be complete if passed without a number of recreational agendas, especially when returning home. Recreation is one of the most awaited things because at the moment of Eid we will have a good opportunity to travel together with other family members who also gather together.

A precious moment that rarely can occur, because it is very important to miss it with various fun activities, one of which is recreation. Therefore, Bali is a tourist destination that is chosen for recreation with family. the increasing number of tourists is always found on holidays.

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