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Are you looking to redesigning your house, renovating your villa or building a new home, and need professional, dedicated and knowledgeable advice? Then look no further!

We know all too well that working with an architect is an excellent idea. Indeed, an architect adds value to your property. Can design a perfect combination of interior and exterior concepts to maximise space and add value to developments, or redesign a current property to suit your exact needs. 
Herewith a few pointers on what to do: 

1. The first step will be to find a reputable architect 

The relationship between you and your designer is the most important part of the design process and you should focus on finding an architect you can trust. At BVR Architecture we pride ourselves on quality, trustworthy workmanship. After all, you will be spending a lot of time together. 
Make sure your personalities connect and that you like their professional perspective. He has your future villa in his hands.
However, before taking on an architect, it is important to have some ideas of the style of architecture you would like to have in your home as well as how long you are willing to wait to create your property. Also, take a look at Pinterest and Instagram, they are full of inspirational ideas on what’s trending, and what you looking for in a property. Our Architects will spend time with you to create the vision you looking to design.


2. Advantages of having an Architect in Bali 

Choosing an architect from Bali can have several advantages for your villa. Indeed, an architect from Bali can help you build the house of your dreams with the best facilities. An owner will benefit by employing a reliable and reputable Balinese architect.


What process to expect from an Architect
Aspects of an architect's work can be divided into three main roles: design, documentation and construction. After choosing your architect with several references, he will start with "concept" drawings and end with "construction" drawings and documents, sometimes he will even use a 3D computer for the design.


3. Also, remember that your architect will have to build according to codes and will have design limitations. Architects are not only involved in building aesthetics. As licensed professionals, they are responsible for public safety and oversee projects. However, even though they may not be able to realize your ideas exactly, they will assess the entire situation and help you solve the various problems you encounter.


What you should discuss with your architect
•    What you expect from the multiple rooms – design and layouts 
•    New ideas following the various designs 
•    The organization of the rooms
•    Building size and how to maximize space 

Finding a good architect is important if you want your villa in Bali to be worth it. Architects have a different approach to design than you do and can create spaces and themes that will best fit the ideas you may have. 
For the BVR Architecture portfolio, please don’t hesitate to contact our team 
We will gladly set some time aside to meet and discuss the ways in which we are able to best assist you 
We build valuable relationships.

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