Australia remains Bali’s number 1 fan

by BVR Property Team
15 August 2023

Australian tourism remains the strongest and most frequent international arrivals to Bali. This year has been no exception.

It is predicted that Bali will hit a massive 4.5 million new visitors for 2023, which a substantial increase from the previous few years.

Australia remains Bali’s top visited Nationality 

With the relatively cheap airfare and a short flight of no more than 7 Hours to reach the Sunny Island of Bali, most Australians visit the Island of Gods more than once a year. Short weekend trips with the family doesn’t break the bank.

With new flight routes opening up from Perth – Denpasar and Perth – Jakarta makes it even more attractive for those seeking to escape for a few days

India and China have always loved the trip to Bali as well, with an estimated 48 thousand plus Indian tourist and around 23 thousand Chinese, and about the same figures for the USA / UK visitors so far for the year

With a massive increase from last year the same time periods we are bound to see the year end of on a high note.

We can surely feel the uptake in tourism this year, whether this is the Bali traffic serving as a reminder or in general how busy the streets are again, we are happy to say Bali is Back Baby!!!!  

With new rules in place for anyone who visits Bali, please keep track of the dos and don’ts. Respect the Balinese culture and holly places at all times.

Keep in line with the laws and regulations of the island and you will no doubt have the best holiday, enjoying the sun, surf and sea here on the island.

Welcome Back Bali

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