Buying Beachfront Property in Bali: Is It a Great Investment?

by BVR Property Team
23 February 2024

Fresh ocean breeze, beautiful panorama, spectacular sunrise and sunset views, and the gentle sound of waves crashing against the shoreline are the elements that often come to mind when thinking of beachfront properties. Bali stands out as one of the most favorite places for investors to buy beachfront property.


However, is it a great investment? This article aims to address that question. Let’s get started!


Investing in Beachfront Property

Investors have some reasons why they want to invest in beachfront property – offering a unique experience of living and the demand is high. Everyone who lives on beachfront property will enjoy a beautiful panorama with a fresh ocean breeze every day. 


Beachfront vs Standard Properties, What are the Differences?

In addition to providing distinctive experiences, beachfront properties also come with unique factors and obstacles to consider.


Consider some natural occurrences like hurricanes and coastal erosion. Additionally, oceanfront properties typically entail higher purchase and maintenance costs compared to standard property.


Beachfront properties require more frequent maintenance due to their exposure to oceanic elements. 


Benefits and Risks of Buying Beachfront Property

Here are the benefits and risks of buying beachfront property in Bali, as follows:


1. Benefits of Buying Beachfront Property

Buying oceanfront property in Bali offers benefits for investors, such as:

- It offers an incredible panorama. This can be a unique sales point for the seller.

- An oceanfront property has the potential for good investment returns.

- High demand.


2. Considerations of Buying Beachfront Property

Like any other investment, there are considerations when buying beachfront property in Bali, including:

- There’s a potential for coastal erosion to occur.

- Higher risk of hurricane.

- It requires higher maintenance costs.

- It has a higher purchase cost. So, investors need to spend money more to obtain a beachfront property.


Beachfront Properties from BVR Property

BVR Property offers you various types of beachfront properties that promise you the potential for good investment returns. Here are the lists:


1. Luxurious Beachfront Apartment in Nusa Dua (BLI1630)

2. Beachfront Tropical Villa in Sanur Offers (BLI1597)

3. Remarkable Luxurious Family Villa in Sanur (BLI1599)

4. Exceptional Beachfront Villa in Singaraja, Bali (BLI1588)

5. Beachfront Apartment in Sanur (BLI1575)

6. Luxurious Beachfront Villa for Sale in Sanur (BLI1564)

7. Tranquil Riverfront Villa in Pererenan (BLI1544)

8. Stunning Beachfront Villas in Jimbaran (BLI1525)

9. Tropical Luxurious Villa in Seminyak (BLI1603)

10. Exquisite Villa Investment in Sanur (BLI1752)


Obtain Your Dream Beachfront Property!

Beachfront properties can be considerably beneficial assets because of their experience offer – white sandy beaches, beautiful panorama, fresh ocean breeze, and spectacular sunrise and sunset views.


Owning a beachfront property is a great way to generate good investment returns.


As a trustworthy Bali property agency, BVR Property offers you the best beachfront properties situated in Bali. We professionally will help you to obtain a beachfront villa in Bali. 


Your dream villa awaits – contact us now!

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