Introducing Our New Coffee Plantation in Bali: Bliss in Your Cup

by BVR Property Team
21 September 2023

A warm welcome from 1200 to 1300 metres above sea level in Plaga-Bali. There, Bali Coffee Club with its passionate coffee farmers produces only high-quality Arabica coffee beans for your everyday coffee. Across a vast 4-hectare, we consistently deliver an exceptional coffee experience through coffee plantation in Bali.

Notably, orange, vanilla, and avocado trees are planted alongside the coffee to protect its ecosystem. It's important to note that the presence of these orange, vanilla, and avocado plants contribute significantly to the tangerine taste, which is unique to Bali Coffee Plantation.

Through a long journey that takes four years until our coffee harvest, our dedicated coffee farmers carefully process it using a dry method. Although there are many methods for producing coffee beans, we always choose the best method to produce high-quality coffee beans, which are honey-processed.

Honey-processed is considered as a true specialty coffee even before being expertly roasted. The unroasted beans have natural sweet and fruity flavours, and the level of acidity varies based on the honey processing method used.

Not to be forgotten, when the post-harvest process from our coffee plantation in Bali is ready for the next step, it is crucial to pay attention to the coffee roasting process. That's why we use the latest technology to ensure that our coffee beans have a great taste.

We employ air roasting coffee machines that are imported directly from Norway with smart technology. These machines use an air convection heat system in which the heat from the machine does not directly come into contact with the coffee beans, preventing them from becoming bitter or burnt.

Moving to the final step, where our roasted coffee beans are ready to be prepared by our baristas, we always ensure your happiness through a variety of coffee menus.

Just remember, this entire journey can happen thanks to our passionate coffee farmers, talented coffee roasters, and friendly baristas. They are always thinking of you to ensure your day is filled with happiness in every little moment.

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