6 Types of Land Zoning in Bali

by BVR Property Team
14 December 2023

By now you probably do know that you need to follow local regulations and laws when obtaining property or land in Bali. Land Zoning in Bali is one of the regulations you must be familiar with. By understanding Bali zoning map, land use, and zoning laws it will help you decide which land you should buy that fits your investment goals.


Land zoning is a government’s regulation that classify or dividing the lands into different zones based on its purposes. This regulation is considered as one of the most critical regulations for everyone that wants to own, lease, and utilize land for development purposes in Bali.


6 Types of Land Zoning in Bali

There are six types of land zoning in Bali, as following:


1. Green Zone (Agricultural Land)

Green zone lands are good for agricultural purposes. All those stunning rice fields you see when driving through Bali are considered mostly to be in the green zone areas. You are not allowed to build any buildings on the green zone areas as you will not be able to obtain a valid building permit for the development. This land zone is 100% for agricultural purposes and cannot be converted into a different zone type.


There are several places that have green zone lands in Bali – Sanur, Nusa Dua, and, Ubud amongst others.


2. Yellow Zone (Residential Land)

Yellow zone lands are places where you can build any types of building, including villas.


Practically, yellow zone lands can be designated for agricultural purposes as well. However, if the yellow zone lands are used for agricultural purposes, you can convert the land for residential purposes or development.


Some yellow zone areas allow more houses, some allow fewer, depending on the demand and the area. This type of zone is good for titles like leasehold title – Hak Sewa, Hak Guna Bangunan title, or Hak Pakai title.


3. Red Zone (Commercial Land)

Red Zones are for commercial or business purposes like markets, tourist accommodation, shopping centre, food court, clubs, bars and many more.


The characteristics of red zone area in Bali are having a higher population density and traffic and close to public facilities.


4. Pink Zone (Tourism Land)

Pink zone lands are the perfect choice if you want to build a villa and utilize it for commercial purposes. Nearly the same as Red zones, Pink zoning is used for commercial and tourism use.


This type of area lets you to build villa, hotel, and resort. Having pink zone lands is quite important if you want to run vacation rental business in Bali.


You should have a villa that is strategically located near to accommodation like bar, restaurant, coffee shop, boutique, and near to beach (if possible). That factor can attract customer to choose your rental business.


If you want to have a land through leasehold title, Hak Guna Bangunan title, or Hak Pakai title, just to make sure the land is categorized as yellow or pink zone. Alternatively, you can directly have a villa through those titles.


5. Orange Zone (Commercial & Residential Land)

This area provides houses and businesses in the same area. You can build a villa on orange zone land. The advantage of this area is, these lands can cater to both locals and tourists. So can be utilised for Residential purposes as well as vacation rentals.


6. Conservation Zone

Conservation zone is an area where cultural and natural sites are protected. Government doesn’t allow commercial and residential activities in this area. Benoa Bay and Taman Nasional Bali Barat are examples.


Check Land Zoning in Bali

Visit Bali’s National Land Agency to check the Rencana Tata Ruang Wilayah (RTRW) for insights into the Bali zoning map. You also ensure compliance with zoning laws by seeking legal assistance from lawyers who can help you in conducting due diligence.


Land Zoning in Bali: Different Zones, Different Purposes

“Land zoning” probably sounds a bit technical to some. However, it stands as a important aspects to know, especially for those considering starting a property investment in Bali.


Land zoning is divided into six types according to its purposes. Before diciding in an investment property, ensure the land aligns with your preference, whether you have it through leaseholdHak Guna Bangunan, or Hak Pakai title. You also can directly have a finished-built villa through those titles mentioned previously.

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