Top 4 Property Selling Points to Attract Buyers

by BVR Property Team
20 February 2024

Possessing a property that captures the attention of potential buyers can boost your property sales. Nowadays, online promotion of your property is crucial, as a significant portion of buyers or tenants conduct their research on the internet. Hence, recognizing property selling points can distinguish your property from other properties.


In this article, we will explore four property key features or selling points to enhance your property selling or leasing. Let’s have a look!


Top 4 Property Selling Points for Buyer’s Attraction

The following are four property selling points that can make your property stand out, such as:


1. Interior Condition

Interior condition is the first aspect of property selling points. This extends beyond design or architecture style and includes the property’s amenities such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and more.


Potential buyers or tenants tend to favor well-maintained and clean properties. It is essential to guarantee that your property features sound plumbing, leak-free roofs and walls, and effective air ventilation.


The pricing of furnished and unfurnished properties varies, with furnished properties typically having a higher price. Additionally, the age and condition of amenities can influence to determination of the selling or leasing price.


2. Exterior Condition

Other crucial aspect among of property selling points is its exterior condition. The exterior amenities such as the garden give your property a plus point in the eyes of potential buyers.


Furthermore, exterior design is an aspect that determines the first impression of your buyers.


Highlighting details about parking space is important as well, particularly if the property is a house or condo.


A visually appealing exterior setting can contribute to making your property stand out. The presence of ornamental features and well-designed exterior architecture can effectively illustrate the beauty of your property.


3. Neighborhood

While not directly related to your property, the neighborhood is also an important factor in generating interest from potential buyers or tenants.


Prospective buyers or tenants typically seek residences in safe and secure conditions – low crime rates and a conducive neighborhood.


This is an aspect that you cannot completely control. If your property is located in a conducive neighborhood with low crime rates, it works to your advantage.


The best approach to promote your property’s neighborhood is to be transparent and honest with your potential buyers.


4. Public Facilities

The presence of public facilities significantly influences the value of your property. Potential buyers highly appreciate properties situated in strategic areas – easy access to the main road and near public facilities (schools, hospitals, shops, malls, and more).


How to Convince Buyers or Tenants?

As previously mentioned, potential buyers or tenants search for their ideal properties online.


Even if you understand the property’s selling points (strategic location and excellent amenities), it is useless if your promotional strategy is ineffective.


There are three aspects to consider in promoting your property online:


1. Understand Your Niche

Before initiating the promotion of your property, it’s advisable to research market segments that might aligned with and interest your property. Various target markets have distinct preferences for property types.


For instance, if your property is near to school and features a big garden, it would be beneficial to promote it to families with children. Conversely, if you have an apartment or rental room situated near a university, the most suitable market for it would be students.


2. Photography

The second aspect is photography. Buyers or tenants conduct property research online. So, your property’s photos will be the first impression for them before they decide to inspect the property directly.


Consider the angle, light, and quality of the photos.


3. Descriptions

Providing a detailed description is essential for potential buyers or tenants to evaluate a property online and gain a better insight about the property. At this point, it’s essential to highlight the property’s best features, supported with good photos.


When describing property selling points, it’s beneficial to focus not only on its features but also the benefits. Tell them what makes your property special and who is best suited for – families, students, business professionals, or workers. This is an opportunity to emotionally engage with buyers or tenants.


Following the presentation of features and benefits, remember to include the pricing details. Clearly state whether the price is negotiable or fixed.

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