strategic riverside land in Karangasem

Embrace the enchantment of mountain and riverside vistas with this exceptional opportunity. This strategic riverside land in Karangasem offers panoramic views that encompass Mount Agung, a captivating river, and the lush jungle landscape. 

Accessible via a 3-meter-wide road, the land is designated as Yellow Zone for residential development.

Situated in Karangasem on Bali's eastern coast, this area offers remarkable attractions such as Tulamben's snorkeling spots, dolphin watching, diving expeditions, and hiking trails leading to mesmerizing waterfalls to keep you captivated and engaged.

Property Information:

Leasehold: 30 Years

Land size: 3000 Sqm (30 Are)

Price: IDR 2.625.000.000 for the 30 Year option

Ownership Type
Status for This Land
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Land Size
3,000 sqm

Price USD
USD $171,290
Price AUD
AUD $266,044
Price IDR
IDR 2,625,000,000

Land Location

Land Gallery
strategic riverside land in Karangasem
strategic riverside land in Karangasem

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