luxurious villa complex in Ubud

This luxurious villa complex in Ubud, stands as a true masterpiece, inviting you to rediscover the profound connection between harmonizing with nature and redefining the meaning of home. 

It's a remarkable villa where luxury seamlessly intertwines with the beauty of the natural world. Surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking views, this villa is meticulously designed to provide you with an unparalleled living experience.

The style of this villa is a harmonious blend of modern architecture and Balinese cultural aesthetics. Direct advantages is Freehold certificate (SHM & PBG), Private access to Villa, 6 meters width of the road, quiet & peaceful neighborhood, 360 degrees rice fields and natural view, fully supported by private & government Bank. Get ready to embark on a journey of elegance and tranquility.

Property informations:


8 Unit villa in one complex Each unit consist of 3 Bedrooms villas with 3 bathrooms.

Villa A:

Land Size: 220 Sqm

Building Size: 354 Sqm

Price: IDR 5.969.000.000

Villa B:

Land Size: 198 Sqm

Building Size: 354 Sqm

Price: IDR 5.796.000.000

Villa C:

Land Size: 174 Sqm

 Building Size: 264 Sqm

Price: IDR

Villa D:

Land Size: 155 Sqm

Building Size: 264 Sqm

Price: IDR 4.818.500.000

Villa E:

Land Size: 156 Sqm

Building Size: 252 Sqm

Price: IDR 4.830.000.000

Villa G:

Land Size: 139 Sqm

Building Size: 223 Sqm

Price: IDR 4.072.500.000

Villa H:

Land Size: 138 Sqm

Building Size: 228 Sqm

Price: IDR 3.600.000.000

Fully furnished Rooftop Area Private pool Carport Level (There is an option for the villa, 2 levels or 3 levels)

Ownership Type
Property Location
Status for This Property
Land Size
138 sqm
Building Size
228 sqm

Price USD
USD $389,952
Price IDR
IDR 5,969,000,000

Property Facilities
Dining Room
Air Conditioner
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