Retire in Bali: A Complete Guide to Prepare Your Haven Life

by BVR Property Team
25 December 2023

Bali is categorized as one of the most favorite place to spend golden years. There are some reasons why people want to retire in Bali – the vibrant society, rich culture, beautiful natural landscapes, the sunshine, etc. Knowing the living cost, retirement visa in Bali, and popular places on the island will help you live in Bali and craft your retirement time into a haven life.


Pros and Cons Retiring in Bali

Relocating to Bali to enjoy retirement is not a new thing. There are dozens of opinions out there that tell you why Bali is a perfect choice for retirees. 


According to a survey carried out by Living International, Bali ranks fourth among the best places for retirees in Asia.


Despite Bali has been claimed as a haven for retirees, some factors will enable you to make a fair assessment of Bali.


Individual perceptions of Bali may vary, despite the island providing many exciting experiences. If you want to retire in Bali, it’s advisable to weigh the following pros and cons below.


Pros of Living in Bali

The pros of living in Bali, are as follows:

 - Affordable living cost.

- Beautiful beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and rice fields panorama.

- Friendly locals.

- Great culinary destination.

- Unique traditions.

- A potential place to invest, including property investment.


Cons of Living in Bali

However, there are some cons that you will face if you want to retire in Bali. Let’s explore the cons of living in Bali:

- Lack of public transport system.

- Traffic jam.

- Hot temperature in dry season.

- Many stray-unvaccinated dogs.


Living Cost in Bali

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy a golden time and spend your expenses affordably, Bali is a great choice.


For your information, here is a comprehensive breakdown of the living costs in Bali:


1. Accommodation (Villa or Apartment)

Villa or apartment accommodation is the primary consideration for foreigners who want to live and retire in Bali. The price of leasing a villa or apartment may vary based on the type, amenities, and location.


For instance, a luxury, fully-furnished villa with a private pool, water, parking space, Wi-Fi, security, and cleaning services can cost you around IDR 200 million to IDR 400 million rupiah per year.


Besides yearly rental, you also can lease a villa for a long time (until 30 years) in Bali through a leasehold title.


If you intend to have a villa through a leasehold title, you can seek a trustworthy property agency in Bali to make your dream come true. BVR Property provides luxury and serene villas in some strategic and sought-after places across Bali.


2. Groceries

Groceries like fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, meat, bakeries, and poultry are sell at an affordable price on the island. For instance, you just need to prepare IDR40 thousand for 1 kg of chicken.


You can easily find supermarkets in Bali, equipped with air conditioners.


3. Dining

Bali offers culinary haven with various kinds of cuisines – Indonesian, Japanese, Italian, American, and more.


Additionally, you can savour your taste buds affordably with local foods in a local shop. However, if you more prefer for trendy cafes or beach clubs, the price would be higher.


4. Bike or Car Rental

Do not afraid about transportation while you are staying in Bali. Bali provides easy access to bike rental or online transportation. The price for online transportation are varies depending on the route, but still affordable – from IDR 10 thousand to IDR 50 thousand. For Bike or car rental price is based on the type of bike or car that you choose.


Retirement Visa in Bali

If you are decided to retire in Bali, there is one requirement you must meet – it’s a retirement visa. According to the Immigration General Directorate (Direktorat Jenderal Imigrasi), the prerequisites for obtaining a retirement visa in Bali are:


1.  At least aged 55 years old.

2. Photocopy of the original passport that is valid for at least 18 months.

3. Have health insurance and legal liability to third parties in the civil sector in your origin country or Indonesia.

4. Proof of your retire fund of at least USD1500.

5. Curriculum vitae

6. Evidence of residing in Indonesia through the acquisition of accommodation facilities of at least USD35 thousand, OR monthly rent payment of at least:

- Jakarta, Bali, and Bandung (USD500).

- Other areas in Java island, Medan, and Batam (USD300).

- Other areas that are not included in the point one and two (USD200).

7. The declaration will employ at least two Indonesian citizens.


5 Popular Places to Retire in Bali

Bali offers you numerous sought-after places to stay. Here, we will explain five places you might interested in staying at if you want to retire in Bali, such as:


1. Sanur

Sanur is a great choice to live in if you are looking for a place that is a family-friendly and relaxing environment. This area is located in Denpasar City, the capital of Bali.


Beaches in Sanur offer you a beautiful panorama of sunrise and the jogging track. You also can find many local shop we called “warung” and street food as you wander along the seashore.


2. Ubud

Ubud is another place where you will able to enjoy the serene and slow-paced life with your loved ones. This is a place where a healthy, artsy, and bohemian lifestyle comes together. Do you want to start a zen, serene, or even vegan lifestyle? Ubud is perfect for you to retire in Bali!


Notably, this place was a filming location for the movie “Eat, Pray. Love”.


3. Seminyak

Seminyak stands out as a top tourist destination with many choices of clubs, beaches, restaurants, and boutique-style shops. More than that, this place is also great for those who prefer to experience the hustle-and-bustle atmosphere of Bali.


4. Canggu

Canggu has experienced a significant development and trend after the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia. This area is situated a few kilometres north of Seminyak, offering beautiful beaches, clubs, restaurants, pubs, spas, and cafes.


There are so many nomad expats and young foreigners who live in Canggu. Finns Beach Club and Atlas are located here.


Canggu is arguably the best place if you want to retire in Bali with a forever-young lifestyle.


5. Lovina

Lovina is a brilliant decision if you want to spend your golden years in the distinct region without leaving the beauty of Bali. This location isn’t like the four areas previously mentioned – located in the north of Bali, Lovina is located in Singaraja Regency, North Bali.


Here, you can enjoy the morning with the dolphin pod.


5 Tips to Have a Pleasant Retirement in Bali

Here are some tips to have a pleasant retirement in Bali, as following:


1. Adaptation

Adapting to the new environment and life is essential to start your retirement in Bali.


In Bali, having a holiday for weeks is different than living life for a long time. Feel the real life in Bali by trying local foods and living in society. Try these for at least three months to discern which location is best for you.


Do not be afraid to adapt. Here, expats who live in Bali can help you to cope with your new life.


2. Consider the Housing in Bali

There are many choices to live in Bali – apartments, residences, and luxury villas.


Looking for the best for you is not easy and time-consuming. Moreover, you have to know property law in Bali to make your housing process seamless. Under these circumstances, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a trustworthy property agency in Bali.


3. Hire Indonesian Helpers

As we explained previously, one of the prerequisites for obtaining a retirement visa is making a declaration that will employ at least two Indonesian citizens. Hire two Indonesian citizens as your private chef, gardener, or cleaner.


4. Have a Medical Insurance

Make sure to have medical insurance in Bali. Your coverage can take the form of either personal insurance or travel insurance.


Also, do not forget to research what is the best insurance for you.


5. Have an Investment

One recommended suggestion if you want to retire in Bali comfortably is to consider investing, especially a property investment.


Bali stands out as a favorite destination for people in the world. This is a big chance for everyone with an investment in Bali – it’s a promising high yield of ROI.


Having a leasehold title or HGB title for a villa with a Pondok Wisata license is a way to run a vacation rental business. A trustworthy property agent in Bali can assist you in this process.


Here are the links for you to learn before having a property investment in Bali:

- Pondok Wisata License.

- HGB Title.

- Leasehold Title.


Ready to Have a Haven Golden Years?

Retirement is a big moment in your life. So, make sure to make it special and comfortable. Enjoying the culture and nature of Bali is one of the options for people to spend their golden years.


There are some advantages if you want to retire in Bali – affordable living cost, unique culture, beautiful sceneries, nice and welcoming people, and a golden opportunity to generate more income through property investment. These factors  will make your retirement feel like a haven.

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