Unlock Bali’s Potentials: A Guide to Bali Property Investment

by BVR Property Team
22 January 2024

Bali stands out as one of the most beloved tourist destinations on Earth, often described as a piece of paradise. With its stunning landscapes, unique cultures, delectable cuisine, and abundant sunshine, Bali offers a complete package. Considering these aspects, investors consistently contemplate engaging in Bali property investment.


Additionally, Bali presents many apartments and villas, making it an attractive prospect for foreigners looking to initiate investments in Indonesia.


Bali Property Investment: Is It Profitable?

Numerous claims suggest that Bali presents a lucrative potential for property investment, promising a high return on investment (ROI). Is this claim accurate, or is it merely a notion?


To address this question, we can examine various factors that show indications of whether a region is conducive to property investment. Instead of focusing solely in Bali, we can also address Indonesia’s overall potential, given that Bali is situated within Indonesia.


Indonesia is recognized as a nation with a solid economic growth. According to the World Bank, Indonesia’s economic growth respectively was 3.7% and 5.3% in 2021 and 2022. Private consumption is the primary driver of the growth.


Furthermore, Indonesia’s economic growth remains on a positive track with a growth rate of 5% in Q3 of 2023. Remember 2023 is a tough year for many countries, and global economic growth slows to 2.9%.


Also, Bali has several major projects – the development of a new international airport, the establishment of an F1 circuit, a new port for cruise ships, and the largest theme park in Southeast Asia.


The implementation of these major projects, coupled with a positive trend in Indonesia’s economic growth, is poised to contribute to enhancing tourist visits to the island and render Bali property investment profitable.


Bali Property Investment: The Key Points

After understanding the potential of Bali property investment, it’s good to know the key points of it to make your property investment seamless.


Here are several things you should know so that you are well-advised and well-prepared:


- Property rights (Hak Milik, HGB, HP, and Hak Sewa), and their regulations in Bali.

- Permits (PBG, SLF, KITAP, KITAS, NPWP, Pondok Wisata, Hotel Melati, etc).

- Property due diligence

- Property risks, maintenance, insurance


- Conduct thorough research before acquiring property rights – seek assistance from a trustworthy property agency in Bali.


Property for Investment in Bali

The predominant choice for foreign investors in Bali involves acquiring villas through either HGB or leasehold titles for holiday rental business purposes.


Villas in Bali are designed with diverse designs, encompassing unique concepts – Mediterranean, modern, Balinese (traditional), and tropical styles. Depending on the villa’s size, amenities may include a small garden, pool, dining area, and terrace.


While still relatively uncommon, real estate investment in Bali is gradually showing a positive trend in apartments and off-plan projects. Apartments in Bali typically feature one-bedroom or studio layouts.


Of this trend, Bali property investment has a fascinating potential and tempted investors to plant their money on the island.


As a trustworthy property agent in Bali, BVR Property presents you with numerous luxury villas in strategic areas on the island. The locations include Canggu, Sanur, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Kuta, Legian, and many more.


Our team is dedicated to assisting you in acquiring your dream property in Bali, whether for business or personal use.


Successfully navigating each step of Bali property investment is feasible, as long as you follow and obey the rules applied in Indonesia. Additionally, vigilance against property scams is crucial to ensure a smooth investment journey.


Pros and Cons of Bali Property Investment

To arrive at a more objective decision before embarking on property investment in Bali, let’s examine the pros and cons of Bali property investment.


1. Pros of Bali Property Investment

The following are the pros of property investment on the island, such as:


- The most favorite tourist destination.

- Prospective economic growth.

- Good returns with a stable property market.

- Affordable property value.

- The Indonesian Government supports investment programs.


2. Cons of Bali Property Investment

On the other side, there are cons of property investment in Bali, such as:


- If you are a non-Indonesian citizen, you cannot be the legal owner of property in Indonesia. You only can have the property through leasehold title or HGB if you have PT PMA.

- Construction of properties exceeding four floors is not permitted.

- Building villas or apartments close to temples or religious pilgrimage areas is restricted.


Seize Opportunities in Bali Property Investment!

Bali presents numerous compelling reasons to be considered as a promising destination for property investment. Additionally, The Center of Reform on Economics (CORE) predicts a growth in Indonesia’s economic growth ranging from 4.9% to 5% in 2024.


Before initiating Bali property investment, it’s crucial to carefully consider various aspects. By understanding those aspects and seeking assistance from a professional property agency in Bali, your property investment on the island can proceed smoothly.

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