Property Maintenance: Step-by-Step Guide (Bonus Free Checklist)

by BVR Property Team
16 January 2024

Managing potential issues on your property is one of the most important things you should notice, whether as an owner or lessee. Property upkeep, or property maintenance, is a policy that can help you to keep your property well-maintained. This article will provide a step-by-step guide to building maintenance, including benefits, examples, and a checklist.


What is Property Maintenance?

Property maintenance is the practice of ensuring the well-being and proper care of a property. The main goal of this practice is to ensure properties and their utility systems are safe and in working order.


Based on the definition, we can say that property or building maintenance is a preventive and proactive action.


Several works involve property maintenance activity – safety checks, repairs, and cleaning of the building.


In addition, property maintenance is essential for various types of property or real estate, including:

- Hotels

- Villas

- Apartment complex

- Condominiums

- Homes


Why Property Maintenance is Essential?

It’s essential to prioritize maintenance to address critical problems that may arise. Properties that have risks of getting problems are common in Indonesia – plumbing, electricity (blackouts), clogged drains, and malfunctioning equipment.


Providing property in excellent condition can establish trust and enhance its reputation. A positive reputation, in turn, contributes to increased tenant retention.


Example of Property Maintenance Tasks

There are several examples of property maintenance tasks, such as:


1. Exterior Maintenance

As its name, this type of task refers to the property maintenance that is associated with the property’s outer aspects. Exterior maintenance is also known as grounds maintenance.


Examples of exterior maintenance are the cleaning of a property’s exterior, as well as the maintenance of drains and roof gutters.


2. Interior Maintenance

Opposite to exterior management, interior management refers to managing the maintenance of the property’s inner aspect. This category of property maintenance includes electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.


3. Pest Management

Pest management including rodent and pest control is needed to make the property environment hygienic and safe from the spread of disease.


4. Area Maintenance

Area maintenance is vital for those who have multi-unit properties. Examples of this include cleaning and repairing mail rooms, hallways, and stairways.


5. Waste Management

In property upkeep, waste management involves removing and categorizing waste according to its types. Waste management is vital for preventing maintenance for pest control as well.


6. Safety Inspections

Safety inspections include maintenance and inspection of the property and grounds’ mechanical and electrical systems safety to ensure safety.


Property Maintenance Responsibility When You Lease

The responsibility of the tenant in property maintenance varies depending on the terms outlined in the lease agreement. If you are a foreigner who leases a property, you may have to pay for the upkeep costs.


The property real owner mostly takes care of major issues including cracked walls, water supply problems, broken air conditioning, leaky roofs, or broken doors.


You, as a tenant, fixing minor issues like leaking taps could be up to you.


In detail, you can discuss with the real owner of the property and read the lease agreement carefully so that you know your responsibility in the building maintenance.


Benefits of Property Maintenance

Conducting property maintenance offers several advantages for you and your property, as follows:


1. Secure Your Property Condition

Building maintenance secures the well-being of your property condition and reduces the likelihood of encountering failure. Ensuring to check your property equipment, such as HVAC units, elevators, electricity, and plumbing.


2. Reduce the Probability of Liabilities

If your building and its equipment are in well-maintained condition, this will reduce the risk of incidents or accidents occurring.


3. Boost Property Value

A property with intact walls, leak-free roofs, and well-functioning plumbing and electrical systems can help maintain its value over time. By this, you can optimize your revenue through property investment.


4. Make Tenants Happy

If your property is properly maintained contributes to tenant satisfaction, increasing the likelihood of lease renewals. Satisfied tenants may even engage in word-of-mouth marketing – praising the well-maintained and comfortable living conditions that your property offers.


Hiring Property Maintenance Professionals

Property upkeep plays a vital role in safeguarding your property investment, regardless the property size you have. Nevertheless, this task is time-consuming, and you may find yourself overwhelmed with other responsibilities.


To address the challenges associated with building maintenance, opting for assistance from property maintenance professionals is a favorable option.


What property maintenance professionals can offer to your building maintenance management?


- Cost-effective compared to hiring a personal maintenance team.

- Time-saving.

- Quality of maintenance process – the process is managed by professionals.

- Peace of mind knowing your property maintenance process is in the right hands.


Property Maintenance Checklist

After we discuss many things about property upkeep, here is the free checklist that you can use when conducting property maintenance.


- Mechanical system inspection (electricity, heating and cooling, and plumbing system).

- Wi-Fi or Internet system inspection (router and cable).

- Kitchen equipment inspection.

- Property cleanliness inspection (ensure all rooms are clean).

- Common areas inspection (ensure the common areas are well-maintained).

- Roofs and walls inspection.

- Pest and waste management inspection.

- Fast response to repair requests.


Secure Your Property Condition!

Successful property investment needs a lot of resources to ensure smooth operation. One crucial aspect that you need to consider is property maintenance, which plays a vital role in preserving the proper functionality of your property.

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