Tenant Rights and Responsibilities in Indonesia

by BVR Property Team
24 January 2024

Renting a property is a viable option for foreigners intending to reside in Indonesia for months or even years – for working, business endeavors, or as a digital nomad. However, as a tenant, you must understand leasing regulations in Indonesia. So, what are the tenant rights and responsibilities in Indonesia?


You can find more information about tenant rights and responsibilities in Indonesia in this article. Let's take a closer look!


Tenant Rights and Responsibilities in Indonesia

Here is a comprehensive explanation of tenant rights and responsibilities in Indonesia.


1. Tenant Rights in Indonesia

As a resident in the rented property, you possess certain entitlements. The rights may vary between properties and landlords. Also, it’s essential to ensure that these rights are explicitly outlined in the agreement contract before displaying your signage.


The following are examples of tenant rights in Indonesia:


- Obtain optimal amenities, comfort, and safety within your property.

- Lodge complaints if your peace and comfort are disrupted because of noise from your neighbor, malfunctioning facilities, and other unfavorable conditions.

- Check the amenities conditions with the landlord before finalizing the property arrangement.

- Reach out to the landlord or the legal property owner at a reasonable time.

- Receive the return of your deposit when your renting time is over, provided no circumstances warrant the use of your deposit.

- Enjoy protection from unjust rent practices.

- Propose an extension of the rental period to the landlord.

- Your landlord can only enter your property if they have obtained your permission.

- Suggest an adjustment if the duration of repairs extends over a considerable period.


2. Tenant Responsibilities in Indonesia

You also have obligations that you must fulfill as a tenant. Same as your rights, your responsibilities may differ based on the properties and landlords. Also, they must be attached to the agreement contract.


The example of tenant responsibilities in Indonesia include:


- Pay the rent price on time.

- Use the leased property as stated in the rental agreement.

- Protecting the functionality of the leased property amenities.

- Granting the landlord access for maintenance, inspection, and repairs.

- Get to know the landlord if there is any problem in the property (uncomfortable situation or malfunctioning amenities).

- Use the property for good purposes.

- Tenants are responsible for any damage to the property during the contract.


Stay Informed About Your Rights and Responsibilities

Choosing to rent a property like villa or apartment is a common preference for digital nomads, foreign workers, and even foreign business individuals with PT PMA. If you are considering renting a property in Indonesia, it is crucial to be aware of the tenant rights and responsibilities in Indonesia to ensure a comfortable rental period. 


Carefully review the agreement contract before putting your signage. If you find the contract confusing, do not hesitate to seek clarification from the landlord. Lastly, if you require additional rights and responsibilities, make sure to communicate with the landlord.

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