KITAS in Indonesia: Start Your Paradise Life in Indonesia

by BVR Property Team
24 November 2023

Indonesia is one of the best destinations for expats to live. The first step to live in Indonesia for foreigners is having limited stay permit or KITAS. Getting a KITAS in Indonesia isn’t complicated as long as you know what are your KITAS requirements and the steps of getting it done.


If you have decided or are planning on living in Indonesia, this article is meant for you. Let’s dive into it!


What is KITAS?

KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas) is a limited stay permit that allows foreigner to live and stay in Indonesia for six months up to two years, depending on the KITAS you apply for.


You or your guarantors can submit your KITAS application to the Head of the Immigration Office or to the Immigration Officer whose working area includes the residence where you live.


If you need KITAS in Indonesia for living and working as an expert, you need to submit your application with these following documents:


- Letter of guarantee from your guarantors,

- Valid national passport, and

- Letter of recommendation from the related institutions and/or government agencies.


However, that is just one example of purposes having KITAS in Indonesia. Next, you will learn what the types of KITAS you can apply for.


Types of KITAS in Indonesia

Here are the types of KITAS based on the reason you live in Indonesia.


1. Working KITAS

Working KITAS is a limited stay permit which is issued to foreigners who want to work in Indonesian organization or company. The companies include:


- Foreign-owned company (PT PMA)

- Local-owned company (PT PMDN)


To obtain a valid working KITAS, your employer needs to secure a work permit called IMTA from the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower (Kementerian Ketenagakerjaan) on your behalf.


You need to have the work permit IMTA (Izin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Asing) first before you can apply for KITAS. It’s a prerequisite to get working KITAS in Indonesia.


If you work in Indonesia as an expat, especially working with Indonesian clients, the IMTA is replaced with Expatriate Placement Plan (RPTKA).


The duration of your working KITAS is same as the duration of your work contract, usually one up to two years.


2. Family KITAS

Family KITAS is granted to the family members (children under 18 years old and/or spouse) of the primary KITAS holder. Additionally, his type of KITAS is extended to foreign spouses of Indonesian citizens.


Family KITAS does not permit the holder to work in Indonesia.


Foreigner holding working KITAS in Indonesia have the option to sponsor their spouse and/or children to have family KITAS.


3. Investor KITAS

Investor KITAS is a limited stay permit that allows you to participate business investments in Indonesia, specifically in business activities like real estate development or property investment and management.


Most of the investors who invest in Indonesian property sector through PT PMA often obtain investor KITAS as their business requirement.


4. Student KITAS

Student KITAS is issued for foreigner/international student who want to study formally in Indonesian education Institution. The student KITAS in valid for one year and can be extended for the duration of your academic studies.


5. Second Home KITAS

Second Home KITAS (previously known as Retirement KITAS) is issued for foreigners who are over 55 and want to enjoy their life in Indonesia. The foreigner need to have funds minimum IDR 270 million in an Indonesian bank account.


If you invest in property with a Hak Pakai title, you are also able to obtain second home KITAS in Indonesia. The minimum values for the property you have invested are IDR 5 billion in Bali and IDR 2 billion in other regions of Indonesia.


KITAS Required Documents


KITAS requirements can be separated into two perspective – general and specific requirements. General KITAS requirements are the documents you must have no matter what kind of KITAS you want to obtain. Here are the examples:

 - Your valid passport.

- Two colored pictures (passport-size).

- Evidence of the funds you have.


Specific KITAS requirements are the other documents you must have to have KITAS in Indonesia. However, the required documents vary depending of the type of KITAS you want to obtain. Here are the brief documents lists for each type of KITAS.


1. Working KITAS

Your highest educational degree certificate.

- Certificate of work experience.

- Tax Identification Number (NPWP).

- Your colored copy of CV or resume that completed with company’s stamp and director’s signature over the stamp.

- Evidence of insurance policy issued by an Indonesian insurance company.

- Company’s documents – business license (SIUP), Capital Registration License (SPPMA).


2. Family KITAS

Family card of Indonesian spouse.

- ID card (KTP) of Indonesian spouse.

- Birth certificate (akta lahir) of Indonesian spouse.

- Bank statement of Indonesian spouse.

- Birth certificate/s for dependent children (if needed).


3. Investor KITAS

- Evidence of residence in Indonesia.

- PT PMA registration documents.

- Evidence of insurance policy issued by an Indonesian insurance company.

- Tax Identification Number (NPWP).


4. Student KITAS

- Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from the educational Institution where you study.

- Evidence of financial responsibility from your sponsors, legal guardians, or parents.

- Your academic reports.


5. Second Home KITAS

Evidence of living accommodation in Indonesia.

- A statement expressing your intention to hire an Indonesian domestic worker or driver.

- A statement affirming that you don’t plan to work during you stay in Indonesia.


The brief lists above is just a guide for you. Please to note that Immigration authorities may request additional KITAS requirements from time to time. So, stay update about the required documents when you try to obtain KITAS in Indonesia.


How to Apply KITAS in Indonesia?

Acquiring KITAS in Indonesia is straightforward, yet it is time consuming and needs preparations of the required documents. Here are the steps you can follow in order to get a limited stay permit or KITAS.


1. Get VITAS

Before you try to acquire KITAS, the first step is getting Temporary Stay Visa or entry visa (VITAS). You can get VITAS at Indonesian Embassy in your country.


After your VITAS has been approved, the Indonesian government issues a VITAS authorization number that you will need to apply for KITAS.


When you come to Indonesia, you need to report your VITAS to the Immigration Office to convert VITAS to ITAS (Izin Tinggal Terbatas), maximum 30 days after your arrival to Indonesia.


2. Know the KITAS Requirements

Check and know what the requirements to obtain KITAS are. As we have discussed above, the requirements can be different based on the type of KITAS you want to obtain.


3. Gather the Documents

After you know what type of KITAS you want to have and the requirements behind it, the next step is gathering the required documents.


4. Submit Your Application

Once you have gathered the required documents for KITAS, the next step you can submit your application to Directorate General of Immigration’s website. You can submit your application by online here.


Choose “Izin Tinggal Tetap (ITAP)” and follow the instruction. Here, you’ll need your VITAS authorization number.


5. Pay the Fees

The fifth step of applying KITAS in Indonesia is paying for the fees. You need to go to Immigration Office to finish the payment. Another way to is by online through a payment gateway. At this step, you will get the ITAS stamp on your passport.


6. Obtain Your KITAS

The last step is you need to wait your application has been processed. At this moment, you need to wait for a few days to a few weeks. After it is done, you will obtain your KITAS.


Congratulations, now you can start your paradise life in Indonesia.


Start Your Paradise Life in Indonesia

Obtaining KITAS is a gateway to stay and live in Indonesia without having to leave the country on visa runs – whether being an expat, investing, or enjoying a retirement


As long as you prepare the requirements properly and understand the process (with a little bit of patience), you will secure KITAS in Indonesia easily.


Please note that we do not specialise in KITAS applications and the above serves for information purposes only.


For a more detailed explanation and breakdown of costs and required documentation please consult with a visa or KITAS agent in Bali. Information provided can be changed without prior notice so always make sure you employ a trustworthy visa/KITAS consultant to best help you and keep you up to date.

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