Second Home Visa Indonesia: What is It and How to Obtain It?

by BVR Property Team
07 December 2023

The Indonesian government announced that Second Home Visa Indonesia was officially launched on 25 October 2022. This long-term visa news was announced through the Directorate General of Immigration under the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. This is big news for you who want to live in Indonesia for a long time, why?


With this long-term visa, your dream of living in Indonesia is much easier to turn into reality. So, this is a chance for you to enjoy Bali as your second home! What is Second Home Visa? How to obtain it?


This article will guide you to obtain this visa in Indonesia seamlessly.


What is Second Home Visa Indonesia?

Second Home Visa or Visa Rumah Kedua in Indonesian, is a long-term visa that allows you to live for five to ten years in Indonesia. The duration is optional, depending on the holder’s preference. This visa is one of types of KITAP.


When you want to extend your 2nd Home Visa duration, you need to renew this long-term visa 3 months before it expires.


The holder of this visa can live in Indonesia for activities such as investment, enjoying retirement, and tourism. You can’t work for Indonesia-based companies with this visa. If you want, you need to obtain a working KITAS.


Moreover, you also can sponsor your family members (spouse, children, and parents) to apply for a Second Home Visa Indonesia with the same duration as the primary visa holder. This policy allows foreigners can move to Indonesia with their families seamlessly.


As the Indonesian government introduces this visa, Indonesia aligns itself with other Southeast Asia nations that entice foreigners with long-term visa programs, such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.


Having Property with Second Home Visa in Bali

You can have property through several titles such as Hak Guna Bangunan and Hak Pakai with 2nd Home Visa Indonesia. But, this long-term visa doesn’t allow you to rent your property in Bali.


If you want to generate income from your property in Bali through the vacation rental business, you need to have PT PMA that complies with the regulations in Indonesia.


Second Home Visa Requirements

As a foreigner seeking Second Home Visa Indonesia, you need to fulfill some requirements, including:


- Your valid passport with a minimum validity of 36 months.

- CV (curriculum vitae).

- Current colored 4 cm x 6 cm photo with a white background.

- Bank statement with a minimum amount of 2 billion IDR in an Indonesian bank account.

- Signed written declaration that the applicant commits to presenting a proof of funds in an Indonesian Bank with a minimum amount of 2 billion IDR.


For applying Second Home Visa for the primary visa holder’s family members (children, spouse, and parents), the Indonesia 2nd Home Visa requirements are:


- A valid passport with a minimum validity of 36 months.

- Current colored 4 cm x 6 cm photo with a white background.

- Scanned visa of the primary Second Home Visa Indonesia holder.

- Evidence of relationship to the primary visa holder – marriage certificate in English, family card in English, and/or birth certificate in English. If the documents aren’t documented in English, the documents must undergo translation into Indonesian by a sworn translator.


Attention! Please ensure all the requirements for the 2nd Home Visa application are met. Also, note that the government won’t refund the fee if the application isn’t accepted because of incomplete documentation.


To make your process seamless, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a legal agent or expert.


How to Obtain Second Home Visa in Indonesia?

e-visa application

The process of applying for Second Home Visa Indonesia is simple. Begin by obtaining an e-visa before to applying for the 2nd Home Visa. 


The initial step involves an easy online application through the Directorate General of Immigration online portal ( The first three steps are:


1. Apply

Go to and click “Apply”. Before you apply, make sure the documents are well-prepared.


2. Payment

You can make the fee payment by Mastercard or SIMPONI, debit card/JCB credit or Visa.


3. Download the e-visa

Wait around seven to ten business days to get the application result. Once your application is approved, you can download your e-visa through a link that will be sent to your email.


After your e-visa is granted, you can use the e-visa for 90 days. Next, you can go to Indonesia to proceed with the application process for your 2nd Home Visa at the immigration.


Attention! It’s recommended to book your flight to Indonesia AFTER you have received your e-visa. If you haven’t received your e-visa, don’t book the flight.


4. Provide a Proof of Funds

You’re required to present the evidence of funds to the immigration authorities to facilitate the issuance of a 2nd Home Visa.


5. Doing Biometrics

The immigration will take your picture and the scan of the fingerprints. Your Second Home Visa Indonesia application will be issued within three days following the biometrics.


6. Register at the Civil Departments (Departemen Sipil)

Once the 2nd Home Visa is granted, you must register at the Civil Departments to acquire the Certificate of Family Formation for Temporary Residents.


Additionally, you’ll receive the Police Certificate approximately 14 days after receiving your Second Home Visa Indonesia .


Start Your Dream Life in Indonesia!

The Indonesian government finally provided Second Home Visa for foreigners who want to start a dream life on 25 October 2022. With this long-term visa, you can invest, enjoy retirement, and tourism in Indonesia.


You need to prepare all the required documents and receive e-visa first before applying Second Home Visa Indonesia. The process is simple, but you also can seek assistance from an expert to make your process smoother.

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